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Individualized Majesty

Good Day Fellows of our Urantia Fellowship...Pray with Me .. Give thine full adorational worship to the Infinite Parent of us all .. the One Deity out of which all personalities and creatures and lives have been given birth."Ohh thou Great Unnameable Infinity of Life .. Universal Father, Eternal Mother Son, Infinite and Immaculate Spirit .. we acknowledge with the fullness of our loving heart .. You."Ever are you our Parent and Source .. our Living Ideal and Destiny."Always we look to you at the Paradise Trinity Core of Existence..."Forever how great and majestic thou art .. always do we purely worship you and work towards becoming the greater Perfection of your glorious character and consciousness .. your personahood is our example .. ohh Everlasting Mother Son .. we are so grateful for your merciful revealings."Thou Paradise Adjuster Life who lives in each individual .. we give all praise and honor .. all cooperation with thee..."(62.1) 5:0.1 IF THE fin…

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