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Unending Transformation Possibilities

Oh Urantia Family...The Infinity of Life is truly a majestic goodness unfathomable and indescribable and quite attainable by you. Life .. the existence of all  existences .. the universe of all  universes .. the plethora of trillions upon trillions of individual personalities living and serving throughout the galaxies and the perfected universe .. all and all are created, upheld, preserved, sustained, advanced, fed, and being actualized in every moment of all the seconds in a day by the Living One.Can you comprehend how so great and generous and good the majesty of God the Father Son and Spirit Is .. that the Persons of Trinity Origin .. the vast Infinity can reach Himself outward unto all lives at the very same and simultaneous moment?Contemplate and Consider .. then open thyselves in Comprehending how so beautiful and so true our God Source .. the literal Parent and Father Mother .. can continually reach outward to all .. can descend from his eternal dwelling place in infinite perfe…

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